Morris told me that he would come again.

Nichael and Jiri walked together.


This ring is expensive. Show me some cheap ones.

We still haven't made a decision.

The soldiers soon overran the fortress.


Hand me that lamp.

A man who is poor, but independent of other people, is only dominated by his needs. A man who is rich, but dependent, is subordinate to another person, or to several.

What else would I do on a Monday night?

Many campaign songs were written.

The house has been bought.

My laser printer can only handle black and white.

Do your neighbors know that your house is haunted?


Barbra couldn't make himself heard.

After I graduated from college, I moved back home and lived with my parents for three years.

Bob will certainly attend the meeting.

Nobody really believed it.

I rarely go back home at five.

Skip is no longer interested in buying your car.

You make your own luck.


I asked him out.

Wendy, I'd like you to meet my brother Sam.

Atoms are very, very small.

Go along this street, and you'll find the movie theater.

I explained it to her.

I'm writing an essay.

I'll hurry.

Jin brings us gifts whenever he visits.

You trust in god?

She told her troubles to him.

Juergen hung a dark curtain over the window.

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She succeeded in getting him to tell the truth.

I'm waiting for a reply.

You've always known that it is impossible for me.

Shadow can face death with so much serenity.

That's what I was afraid of.

I told Lonhyn not to do this.

Amy cooked dinner for us.

This problem is the clash of the idol's and obsessive fan's egos.

We got on the bus there.

To one of the head psychologists, the depression criteria didn't quite characterize this group of girls.

Are you sure you're ready to come back home?

I have one more question.

Dan is doing a disservice to the community.


They cleaned everything, from the basement to the attic.


I am used to sitting up late.

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What's gone wrong?


Talking about films, why don't we go to the cinema tonight?

I have nothing to confess.

I like to watch TV to see the movies and soccer games.

My sister is fond of music.

She has her own way in everything.

I just haven't done that yet.

He bought me roses.


In 1783 Caroline Herschel discovered three new nebulae.

Turn it down.

Be gone!

What a superficial answer!

Anybody hurt?

Jeffery kept his eyes open.

Heinz often makes mistakes.


Keep away.

I should've stayed in school.

You're still young, but not permanently.

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We're under attack.

Janet skinned his knee.

Why didn't she want to join him?

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Elizabeth adopted our idea.

Travis came to his senses and decided to turn himself in to the police.

Hartmann went out.

They're almost three times as big as we are.

You couldn't handle the pressure.

As corny as it sounds, I go to sleep every night with a teddy bear next to my head.

Ask if he wants another drink.

Do you want to sleep?

Quickly he got down the stairs.

The population of India is over 127 crores.

Something unexpected happened.

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He is on the road.

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You should've seen them run.


The priest blessed the congregation at the end of the mass.


Adrian made plans.

Come here, little girl, sit down!

I cannot look on anybody as a national hero with the exception of Shigeo Nagashima.

There has to be a reason why this is happening.

The calendar has many pretty pictures.

Swamy asked Jane to not resign.

I know that someone has informed Dylan about Niels's death. But why is it me who has to be that "someone"?

He came to Tokyo in search of employment.

Krzysztof watched closely.


Hy told me what to do.


I'm very, very lucky.

My dream is to be the First Lady.

Energy will go wherever we direct it.

I failed to move it for it was very heavy.

I go to Osaka by bus.


I found something.

You're quite fussy, aren't you?

You'll never be as good as Alan.

I am done teaching.

You are not answering the question correctly.


They are evacuated to an American field hospital.

Dan carefully lifted the badly decayed body of the cat.

We must do this very quickly.


Can you help me make a snowman?

Kees got drunk with his son.

I don't know why we're bothering to do this.


I would rather have a cat than a dog.


We raise Arabian horses.

Many drivers have a cavalier attitude towards the rules of the road.

That's a pretty big job to do all by yourself.


The old man was hit by a car and was immediately taken to the hospital.


Typhoons bring about damage every year.

The Pamir has high and beautiful mountains.

Reaction is not always the best course of action.

He's just going through a phase.

Why not go to the movies?

You're right, I'm sorry.

Bruce wouldn't allow us to do that.


His mother picked him up.

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In the first place, fashions change very quickly.

Anderson is a fashion junkie.

She gave him her name and telephone number.

He married a girl of his own choice.

He was quickly recaptured.

I am Hungarian.

We have five classes every day except Saturday.

Blake isn't in any danger.

Everything is connected to everything.

What do I write?

I have a friend who can speak French.

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The silver balls are around the red ball.


The building is surrounded by police.

Do you mind if we have a look around?

My tail hurts!

Kitty didn't know where to park his car.

I don't like this idea.


All the house was asleep, and the fire burning low, when, from far up the chimney, came down a "Ho! ho!".

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Mariner 10 used the gravitational pull of Venus to swing it into a different orbit so it could continue on to Mercury.

Florian left before I got home.

Donne is sweating now.

She couldn't attend that party because she was sick.

How many letters are there in the alphabet?

Isabelle has a trash compactor.

I met him in the crowd.


We weren't worried about it.

Douglas's breathing was labored.

Ginny has denied any wrongdoing.


Space deserves to be punished.

Has anyone seen the paste?

Alexander ordered the tomb of Cyrus to be opened.


Last night I was too tired to cook a proper meal, so I just ate instant noodles.

What do you think of our love?

Will you record this program on video for me?


I want you to have a job that you love.

I wonder if there'll be more snow this year than last year.

No one ever really changes.

"Why can't you be more like me?" "I don't want to be like you!"

When did they introduce potatoes to Japan?

The difficulty with biography is that it is partly record and partly art.

Stagger can't read sheet music.

This is my mother. Her name is Beatrice.

Knut can't stand loud music.


Hi everyone, I'm Tolerant.